Just Another Day in Paradise

One of my favorite songs is a country song titled “Just Another Day in Paradise”. Through out the song a father is describing everything that is going wrong inside his house through out the day. And instead of being mad or wanting to run away he is actually describing it as a paradise. What a way to view are everyday lives! Just think of the day you could be having if we viewed our days like a paradise instead just seeing all the toys covering the floor and the mountain of laundry that is stacked up in the corner. This is the kind of view that I am trying to maintain through out the summer with Franklin home, Greg away flying, and that never ending stack of dirty dishes that just never seems to go away.

I love being a stay at home mom and could not have asked for a better family. And I thank God everyday that I’m living in paradise with my family daily. This past week end Greg and are family spoke at a fly-in breakfast and shared about the ministry of MAF. We got to see some really cool planes and meet some wonderful people at the sometime. Julie

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