Finding Contentment among the Craziness

I remember thinking that when my children were toddlers that life would regain some balance once they grew older. All I had to do was just last until they were past the age of four and then my house would go from crazy to a sense of normal. Well reality has finally hit me and I realized that I shall never have a quiet or clean house until they all move out. Funny thing though, the craziness that use to drive me crazy a few years ago now actually almost seems normal. And who would have guessed that having children could prepare you for life on the mission field! My children have pushed, tested, and questioned my faith, strength, and abilities since the day they came home from the hospital. I thank God for them and how they have challenged me and have drawn me closer to God everyday of their lives.

You see it is through the craziness of our lives that we are learn to really rely on God and His strength to get us through the next hour. And it is God’s strength that Greg and I have been relying on as we step into the craziness of learning how to be missionaries, figuring out all the paperwork, and trusting our family into His care. And even though there of been moments were we have felt completely overwhelmed at the task before us. God’s still small voice is leading and directing us forward and providing strength to turn craziness into normal.

We ask for your prayers over the next couple days as we prepare to speak at a fly-in breakfast hosted by Harv’s Air on Saturday June 26th. Greg is very excited about speaking and sharing but it is also a little hard for us since this will be are first major speaking event were we will not know most of the people. Also, praise that we raised almost $180 at our garage sale that will go towards our outgoing expense and that we are starting to receive monthly supporters for our work with MAF. So remember that among the craziness of your lives God is waiting to help you turn it into His version of normal for your lives.


God Bless You All!

One thought on “Finding Contentment among the Craziness

  1. Hi Julie, I think God must be trying to teach us mothers something. I have found myself saying things like “Oh it won't be this way when they're 12….” It's terrible. 😦 I have to learn to live in the moment and appreciate today's challenges, today!


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