The Journey

If you had informed me over twelve years ago that I would be married to a pilot and preparing to head over seas I would have laughed in your face. I was a shy girl who really only dreamed about things not actually lived them. However, here I am a wife, mother, missionary, and married to a pilot! That is why I titled this “the journey” because that is what God has been leading our family on these past years. And let me just share with you that it has been one amazing ride filled with ups, downs, and more surprises then you could ever imagaine. You see when you are willing to let go and allow God to direct your lives then anything is really possible. I found that even though the journey may be hard and sometimes filled with many questions God still had a purpuse for the journey.

My husband Greg and I have been accepted as pre-field missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and are just about to start the dreaded part of being a missionary. FUNDRAISING!!!!! This part seems hard and long and filled with many challenges and sometimes just scary. However, God has always been faithful and has given us the strength to accomplish many task that at the time have seemed impossible at first. Greg loves to fly and can’t wait to allow God to use his gift of flying to help those who are in such great need. Please come and join our journey as we prepare to raise support, travel arond the world, and share are own ups and down’s with you.

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